Sustainable Impact, Here and Now.

Join us on our mission

Join us to make a sustainable impact with Liquisto

We envision a future free from manufacturing waste.
Join us in making this a reality.

Billions in inventory value go to waste each year as scrapped excess across the global industrial manufacturing sector.

We believe better alternatives can be created.

This is why we are on a mission to pioneer the transformation of excess inventory management in manufacturing. Through a suite of tech-enabled solutions, we sustainably transform excess industrial inventory into liquidity for manufacturers and utility for purchasers. Our intelligent matching of excess inventory with untapped demand provides a profitable alternative to scrapping for manufacturers while enabling easy access and affordable prices for purchasers. 

Trust, Excellence, Collaboration, and Humility are the values that drive our ambitions as a young and vibrant company looking to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable manufacturing on a global scale.

Meet the management team behind Liquisto

  • Aernout Verhallen - Co-Founder (Commercial/Operations)

    Aernout Verhallen

    Co-Founder (Commercial/Operations)

  • Humphrey Yeboah - Co-Founder (Product/Tech)

    Humphrey Yeboah

    Co-Founder (Product/Tech)


Meet the advisors behind Liquisto

  • Christoph Ranze - Founder & CEO @ Encoway

    Christoph Ranze

    Founder & CEO @ Encoway

  • Christoph Beumer - Chairman & CEO @ BEUMER Group

    Christoph Beumer

    Chairman & CEO @ BEUMER Group

  • Robert Bach - Managing Director @ Beam

    Robert Bach

    Managing Director @ Beam


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