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    Reducing Material Waste

    We help manufacturers reduce material waste from excess inventory

  • More efficiency

    Enabling Material Reuse

    We extend the life cycle of industrial materials through repurposing

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    Facilitating Resource Efficiency

    We help organizations leverage data to increase their resource efficiency

We believe development in the future must be sustainable, purposeful, and profitable.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals serve as a lighthouse for our purpose-driven innovations that strive to make the future we envision a reality; a future that dovetails sustainable development with economic value creation for our community of stakeholders - clients, employees, business partners, supporters, investors - and the planet.

Making manufacturing waste-free in Europe

The UN SDG 12.5 promotes the reduction of waste generation with the goal:

By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse.

With our excess inventory solution, we contribute to the achievement of this goal by enabling the prevention and reduction of material waste due to excess inventory in industrial manufacturing. We do this by providing circular economy alternatives to material scrapping.

Since launching this solution, we have managed to salvage more than 100 tonnes of materials from going to waste as scrap.

Facilitating material repurposing for small-scale industry, globally

With our repurposing enablement solution, we seek to contribute to the UN SDG 9.3.1 goal to:

Increase access of small-scale industrial enterprises, in particular in developing countries, to value chains and markets.

Our repurposing enablement solution is currently in the development phase, and we expect to see initial impact in 2024. We welcome parties interested in collaborating with us on this solution to reach out. We'd love to hear from you!

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