Illuminating Idle Datawith customized value chain analytics as a service

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  • Actionnable insights

    Operational Intelligence

    Combining your data with our expertise and modern analytics stack, we uncover pockets of hidden value with AI-driven analytics

  • More efficiency

    Decision-making Systemization

    With our algorithmic systemization capabilities, eliminate human-error with data-driven decision automation

  • Access Specialized Goods on Liquisto

    Reporting Automation

    Reduce time to insights with automated reports, intuitive dashboards, and simplified self-service reports for business users

Idle data is wasted potential

Turn your data into intelligent assets

Data is an organizational resource. Hence, data idly stored in cost-incurring data warehouses is wasteful and inefficient use of a crucial resource in today's digital age. Our analytics-as-a-service solutions offer a cost-effective opportunity for organizations to explore their data beyond business-as-usual usage and thereby unlock opportunities to transform hidden potential into tangible value.

Our solutions provide instant access to a modern analytics tech stack and expertise, facilitating a swift deployment of data as a value-adding resource across your entire organization without the need for upfront investments in internal analytics capabilities. We take over the non-value-adding heavy lifting, and thereby shorten time to actionable insights for our clients.

Not yet sure where to start unlocking value from your data? We recommend starting with the primary source of your organizational data, your value chain. It holds the hidden insights to your unanswered questions and untapped potential.

Get started with our management cockpits

See future value chain risks as they emerge, not after the fact... measuring operational performance and taking corrective action in real-time. The root causes of future liquidity risks lie in day-to-day operational performance. Your value chain holds the answer, and our easy to digest value chain cockpit automates the analytics required to reveal underperforming processes that will adversely impact your future liquidity. In addition, make profit target misses a thing of the past with our operating profit tracking model that replaces accounting-based forecasts with AI-driven real-time value chain analytics.

Easily measure your organization's
material resource efficiency... quantifying the impact of your ongoing initiatives aimed at responsible material usage. Whether in your product design, production or materials management process, our cockpit simplifies tracking and analysis of the costs and benefits of your initiatives. It quantifies your organization's overall material resource efficiency and enables a cost-benefit analysis of your individual initiatives. This way, you can objectively identify true cost-saving opportunities while improving processes that contribute to excessive material usage. Get your organization's version of our Material Resource Efficiency Cockpit to begin measuring initiatives and identifying opportunities for material waste reduction along your value chain.

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