Identify & Sell Excess Inventorywith zero risk of shortage

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  • Get higher margins with Liquisto

    Higher Margins

    Generate more profit than alternative options for excess inventory like scrapping

  • More liquidity with Liquisto

    More Liquidity

    Maximize liquidity by freeing up your tied-up capital through our digital solutions

  • Liquisto reduces industrial waste

    Less Waste

    Prevent scrapping
    by proactively identifying slow-moving inventory before it becomes dead stock

Identify your excess inventory with LiquistoMonetize dashboard

your excess inventory

With our proprietary excess inventory identification algorithm, you find out exactly which portion of your inventory is excess and marketable with zero risk of shortage.

Our MESI  (Marketable Excess Stock Identification) algorithm provides a detailed segmentation of your inventory and identifies 20% more excess than standard ERP systems.

Merchandise your excess for e-commerce with LiquistoMonetize

your excess for sales

We help you transform your ERP data into an online product catalog ready for e-commerce sales.

We then enrich your product data where needed to make products fit for e-commerce.

Monetize your excess inventory with LiquistoMonetize

with zero shortage risk

We leverage digital marketing and our e-commerce infrastructure to place, promote, and monetize your excess inventory.

Gain liquidity and optimize your working capital with no shortage risk to your regular business.

Get a free MESI* analysis of your inventory
to determine your monetization potential.

No IT integration required.

*Marketable Excess Stock Identification

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